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There is a deep divide in the United Methodist Church around our beliefs about human sexuality. As a result, churches throughout the United States and worldwide are leaving the United Methodist Church through a process called disaffiliation. Although this divide feels like a broader, national, or global issue, it does affect our church's values and beliefs. Below you will find information regarding the disaffiliation debate. We ask that you read through the material, pray for guidance, and feel free to contact the church office with any questions or concerns.

Below you will find discussion Handouts from our discernment meetings that were Sunday February 12th & Sunday February 26th. Please contact the church office if you have any question regarding the disaffiliation process. 


Recent Articles and Videos
from the United Methodist Church

Summary of the UMC situation

National news discussing UMC church split

Influential UMC Bishop Joins Global Methodist Church

Update on official UMC votes, bishops, and position on LGBTQ+

Georgia Conference refuses to allow any churches to disaffiliate

Opinion piece suggesting UMC is swinging left in its theology and leadership

Differences in financial requirements between UMC and new Global Methodist Church

National Media Summaries
of UMC Problems

United Methodists are breaking up in a slow-motion schism | AP News

Religious News Service article summarizing the UMC problem

Fox News article talking about UMC split


World News article about litigation over disaffiliation


Christian Post article about lesbian Bishop that currently serves in UMC


National Public Radio interview with lesbian UMC Bishop about UMC problems

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Official United Methodist
Articles Embracing LGBTQ+

Tension over election of Lesbian Bishop Karen Phyllis Oliveto


UMC Bishops plan to protect LGBTQ+ clergy


United Methodist News video about UMC certified ministry candidate Drag Queen


Regional Leaders in our area officially support full inclusion of LGBTQ+


UMC clergy encouraging gay marriage


UMC Iliff Seminary support and training for LGBTQ+ clergy


UMC seminary professors support LGBTQ+

Image by Andrew Seaman

United Methodist Sources Encouraging Congregations to Stay UMC

East Ohio Bishop talks about disaffiliation


Official UMC program to encourage congregations to identify with UMC


Ask The UMC series refuting disaffiliation misunderstandings


UMC pastor opinion article supporting staying in UMC


UMCNext FaceBook Webpage with many articles about staying UMC

Resources From Conservative or Traditional Sources Encouraging
leaving the UMC

Reasons to leave the UMC


Video series by The Confessing Movement about problems in the UMC


The Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) article on the disaffiliation deadline


Statistics about theological differences in the UMC


Why are traditional churches leaving the UMC?


The challenges of a new denomination

Resources About the
Global Methodist Church

Chart comparing conservative Wesleyan denominations


Global Methodist Church website


Global Methodist Church Book of Discipline


Wesleyan Covenant Association


Good News Magazine of the Confessing Movement

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